FAQs on your Ultimate Bathroom.

Q1. What do Ultimate offer?

    • A1. Ultimate specialise in complete bathroom refurbishment projects from design to installation within one company.

  1. Q2. Do you use sub-contractors?
    • A2. We use only our direct labour on projects to ensure complete control of quality and schedules.

  2. Q3. Will my electrical work be certified?
    • A3. Our electrician is fully qualified and the new electrical components installed will be covered with the recent Part P Certificate, issued on completion, as now required by law.

  3. Q4. Why use Ultimate?
    • A4. Employing Ultimate for your project gives you the peace of mind that all the many elements of work required are managed and under the control of Ultimate. Giving you a single point of contact to manage your project.

  4. Q5. What happens to the old fittings?
    • A5. Ultimate will dispose of your waste at a registered trade site.

  5. Q6. Can I supply my own materials or labour?
    • A6. Unfortunately Ultimate are unable to offer a fitting only service or work with other trades due to our operating cost’s and work programmes.

  6. Q7. How long does an average installation take?
    • A7. An average installation takes about 10/12 working days.

  7. Q8. How much does an average installation cost?
    • A8. Our installations on average cost between £6500 and £12,000, but can rise on more sophisticated projects.

  8. Q9. Can you supply a C.A.D?
    • A9. We are able to offer a computer generated image but due to the amount of hours taken to produce them this is produced on receipt of your deposit.

  9. Q10. What other installations do Ultimate offer?
    • A10. None, Ultimate specialise only in bathroom, shower and wet-room refits as we stick to what we know.

  10. Q11. What guarantee’s do Ultimate offer?
    • A11. Ultimate offer a guarantee of 2 years on their installations, some manufacturers also offer guarantees on their products, which exceed this period.

  11. Q12. Which Manufacturers do you deal with?
    • A12. See "Key Suppliers" links above.